Projects and programs

In order to promote the international cooperation and research in PeaceStudies domain, CPI and International Relations Chair (FIRPA, Moldova State University) develop thefollowing projects:

May-October 2015- Project "Peaceful Conflict Transformation from Academic Perspective", conducted by NGO CIVIC Institute, Moldovan-Austrian Center for Peace Initiatives, Democratic Changes and Conflict Resolution of the Department of International Relations, Faculty of International Relations, Political and Administrative Sciences, Moldova State University. Project funding is provided by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). The mission of the project is to develop a dialogue platform for youth from both sides of the Dniester River regarding peaceful conflict resolution confidence building measures and social inclusion.

2013-2014 – Project in cooperation with Civil Defense Research Center, Roma, Italia “Consolidation of the Moldovan Peace Scholars and Practitioners Network”(MPSPN) Phase II

2013-2014 – Project in cooperation with EuroCollege, Tartu University, Estonia
"Good governance as an essential tool foreconomic development."

2012-2013Project in cooperation with Civil Defense Research Center, Roma, Italia
"Moldovan Peace Scholars and Practitioners Network"

2012 - Inter-universityagreement Moldova State University -ASEM for international cooperation

2010 - Agreement MoldovaState University -Euro -College, Tartu University, Estoniafor cooperation in european integration

2008-2010 – Project in cooperation with HilfswerkAustria in Moldova
The InternationalSummer School and Distance Learning Programme”