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Best works

The best works presented by students at the essay conference entitled „Engaging Youth in Peace Building” hold on 13 June 2015 with the project  "Peaceful Conflict Transformation from Academic Perspective" funded by Austrian Development Agency in Chisinau(ADA):


Voroneanu Cristina, student FRISPA

International security and peace resolution in the XXIst century


Beglita Sveatoslav, student FRISPA

The possibility to achieve Peace


Railean Iurii, student USEM

Противостояние сторонникам конфликта


Dutco Eduard, student FRISPA

The Challenges of International Security


Hohlov Irina, student, FRISPA

Роль молодежи в разрешении конфликтов - взгляд с левого берега Днестра


Cornovan Anastasia, Volunteer NGO Institute CIVIC and CPI

The role of education in the involvement of youth in the peace building process