Who we are

In 2012 researchers of Moldo-Austrian Centre for Peace Initiatives, Democratic Changes and Conflict Resolution (CPI) and didactic staff of the International Relations Chair (FIRPA, Moldova State University) together with Centro Studii Difensa Civile (CSDC), Italia, and in cooperation with professors of Free International University of Moldova (ULIM),University Perspectiva Int., Balti State University, Comrat State University and representatives of NGOs from the Republic of Moldova (CReDO, Institute for Law and Civil Society from Tiraspol, Hilfswerk Austria) have launched a common initiative  of creation and consolidation of linkage between academic and non-governmental sector within Peace Scholars and Practitioners National Network  focused on peace studies and conflict resolution.
The general objective of national network is to consolidate common efforts and to intensify the capacities of academic studies regarding peace and conflict resolution in partnership with experience gained by NGOs after realization of multiple projects in this domain.

At the base of this common initiative was the conviction that every contribution for peace building and development of common network based on mutual confidence can prevent the escalation of different conflicts from the region.

Our mission is to contribute to the development of peace studies in the Republic of Moldova and to promote peace education and culture. Also, we focus on peace building and peacekeeping in Moldova through liquidation of stereotypes and barriers between the two banks of the Dniester River and developing mechanisms for peaceful resolution of the Transnistria conflict.

In order to realize our mission we rely on the following principles:

- Introduction of peace studies in university curricula;

- Formation and promotion of peace culture in the Republic of Moldova by all possible means- research, training, practical involvement;

- Change of the attitude regarding the conflict resolution, focusing on peaceful settlement;

- Mobilization and involvement of the academic environment, NGO, state structures and citizens in the process of a sustainable peace building.

We are sure that peace studies development and promotion of peace values in the Republic of Moldova is a necessity of a great importance.

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